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"The sun rises slowly as you walk away from all the fears"

I know it’s been while, almost 2 months… Wow time is flying.

Well, first we are alive. Of course we are. Just kidding.

I feel like insane happy to write here again.

I could not find better moment to write again because, it's feel just the right time now.

After the storm became, for both of us one of the highest moment of life in terms of peace, of joy, of love.

You know, those moments where everything is smooth, easy and we just have to appreciate all of it.

We are fully recovered and relieved from our past troubles.

The weight on our shoulders just disappeared and let spread our wings

We needed this time without writing here just to live this reborn, to feel again alive, together and be grateful every single second. To be honest, even after 2 months, we are still in this bubble and it is so good.

Ok now, it is probably the time to make update, because a LOT happened since.


Niels and I have now a fixed address since the last post.

Sign of the universe or just the luck, couple of days after our bad adventures, everything showed that it was here, in Whitianga for now.

It was kind of obvious to stay more because we realized how cool it is to wake up every mornings with the sound of the sea, surrounded by paradise beaches in such a lovely town.

And you know what it’s funny ? you've probably already seen this place on your screen saver during your coffee break in the office. Windows used Cathedral Cove as one of their most famous screen background and yes it is located in Whitianga.

F***** Windows, this is gonna be our life for few months.

Whitianga is a small summer town around 4000 people are living here full time but the number of people can be multipled by 10 during Summer.

GOSHHHH I know, it is freaking out but it is also why we could find a job and why we planned to leave the town before this Christmas, when it is gonna be crazy busy.

It is also explaining why most of incredible houses/villas are empty the major part of the year and welcome their rich owners just 1 or 2 times/year…. What a shame I know…

Anyway, we 've learnt by experience that in Whitianga you better be careful of what you do/what you said because everyone knows everyone. This is explaining why there is no robbery and houses are never locked.

You go for a walk ? people are waving you from their sofa (even if they don't know you).

They smile, they cry, they laugh, they make jokes, they get mad.

They are human, they are just themselves, without filters.

When they like something, they will speak about it to the entire world, but it is also true other way around....

They are a community.

We like the fact that they just live simple, mainly wearing short pants (winter or summer) with working raining red boots or just barefoot. Yes don't be surprised to see Kiwis walking barefoot in the supermarket or in the street.

Kids, Teenagers, Adults or Seniors, there is no place for the superficial.

Anyway, I got lost, back to our story ...

Couple of days after our last post, Niels got a nice offer working in a Restaurant.

It gave us the opportunity to find a home and just park Oma Dulco for a while.

During one of the Rugby World Cup games, we've met one amazing soul who knew someone able to rent us a Bach. We couldn’t imagine that our life, our journey, our everything will definitely change because of him. Macca.

Oh yes I almost forgot a "Bach" is a Kiwi word referring to a small summer house and it is our home since.

It is our paradise at 2 min walking from Buffalo beach.

It is our nest, our cozy place where we live just in peace.

It is located in the back garden of Malcolm's place, one of the best friend and neighbor for ages of Macca.

Beside living in peace, Niels and I are both working, but not too much, mainly during weekends, just part times. This rhythm suits us, for sure.

We are pretty far from 40 hours/week with office hours.

We have time to live a good life, having a swim some mornings in the ocean. A life without stress, just the worry to find the right spot to explore...

We live in peace.

We don’t earn a huge amount of money but who cares ? we have way enough to eat, to pay our bills and to enjoy with people we want spent time with.

Niels is working as waiter/bartender and has already his reputation ; « the hot guy from the Marina Bay Restaurant».

Well, they have good taste, for sure !!!

I’m working in the Deli Fine Store, une Epicerie fine quoi, managed by Alex, the wonderful owner.

She knows what is good food and teach me a lot.

She even sells some Beaufort ! That is pretty funny to know that Kiwis are crazy about Beaufort too. No need to mention that it costs your two eyes.

But anyway.

Macca (our Kiwi daddy), his partner Andrea, Malcolm and their friends became more and more part of us, considering them now as our own family. We build memories after tons of laughs, coffees beers, advises and kiwi jokes.

We are part of their life, they are part of ours.

It's feel very special when you think about because let's don't forget that Niels and I are at the base, just visitors and strangers.

Just like yesterday night when we got a text inviting us on their boat for a snorkeling session in the most wonderful area of Coromandel.

9:45 AM sharp on the wharf.

All offer us opportunities that we haven't, they're sharing their life, their time, their story with us.

They tell stories about their thousands of diving experiences, their sailing journeys around Pacific Islands. They are teaching us high/low tides, names of fish and how to read the sea flows.

Inspiring people

Living out of the box

Slow life

They understand and respect deeply where they are living, observe with humility and patience the nature. They are able to see and not just look at it.

What can we expect more ? An amazing lesson of life and we are both learning from it.

It sounds to us the correct path of our life.

Our Kiwi folks have no clue about our blog, but we want to thank them from the deep of our heart to take good care of us.

They always help us, think about us from their soul, without asking anything in return.

It is such purely joy to wake up every morning knowing we will probably see one of them coming for a coffee or for a beer the night at home.

It is a pleasure to bake for them and let them taste a bit of our culture, our French and Dutch kitchens.

It is a luxury feeling to be at their place with a table full of smiles, full of love and foods.To celebrate the life.

It's feel also right to look after them when they feel sad, just tired or need a hand in their garden.

We are grateful to be here.

We are grateful to meet them.

We are grateful to call and see often our family, our friends.

We are grateful every single day and we just want everyday another day.


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Oct 25, 2023

What a joy to read you. How happy we are to feel so good in this beautiful country where people have welcomed you warmly. You have found the fullness and simply the life you were looking for. See you soon Big kisses. Mom and Dad from France 😘


Oct 25, 2023

"Une épicerie fine quoi " mdrrr trooop bien d'avoir des news c'est génial 💗💗 gros bisous. Caro


Oct 25, 2023

I’m very happy to read your amazing adventures. Miss you a lot 💖

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