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Enjoy being in our life for a while, a simple travel blog, with some words, few pictures & videos...


Niels & Elo

We are a DutchyFrenchy couple who decide to let literally everything behind 

you know all serious stuffs as job, apartment, habits…

and just decided to TAKE THE TIME to live. 



It is a choice,  ours


" You're lucky"

" Do it before kids, after it will be too complicated"

"What? Where? Why?

We are Niels & Elo, 

Our story starts 2 years ago when we met each other in a city of the Netherlands. 

Few terrible jokes, some smiles, lots of coffees and... definitely one big crush. 

It is how our Denim Love story began and became quickly a Salty Paradise life to share. 


OK Let''s explain more, what is "Salty" au juste !?

It is definitely a mindset, a way to live based on the after Surfing Session feeling in an endless summer.

Salty skins, goldish locks of hair made by the sun and sharing a big fire with friends/family in a unknown beach.To resume, it is just a high dose of endorphins & just feel free. 



But how can we turn this mindset into a true life story ?

That is exactly how our Vanlife project came out.

Definitely big challenges and the chance to observe with kids eyes.

After all, living basic in the nature will, for sure, help to understand better ourselves, others and enjoying every moment with humility. 


Going to New Zealand was for us probably the best option to start with. 

Far, safe, wild enough to face the adventure and reconnect with essentials, that's it. 


Btw, one more things, I (Elo) will probably be the main writer here (sorry not sorry for the English structure) while Niels will be busy with all the creative contents creator/photographer/designer.  

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